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Hight since 1911 – We appreciate the confidence you have shown in us.

In early 1911, more than one hundred years ago, Walter Hight introduced the motor vehicle into his line of products – a big change from potatoes, hay, straw, and hemlock bark.

Beginning with Fords, which came disassembled, six to the box car, and later Buicks that were driven home straight from the factory, Walter imparted early the Hight tradition – “You put us first in sales, we put you first in service.” This was, of course, important in the early days when a vehicle came without a large manual but a personal driving lesson, as Walter had to convert trusting customers away from the horse and buggy.

Through four generations, the Hight family has continued to provide the best possible experience to its customers of central Maine. From the brave early drivers who converted their Model T’s into snow machines in order to drive in the winter, to today’s drivers that need not worry about the snow, the mud, or better yet, a hand-cranked starter.

From Walter, to Kirb, to Lou and Walter, and to Corey, Toby and Sam, the entire Hight family would like to thank everyone who has helped make 100 years possible… to its employees, its customers and its community.